1947 Partition plan maps

The following are a series of maps created for the United Nations in order to formulate the 1947 partition plan. They tell the story of how the borders of the two-state solution came to be drawn. 


1947 partition plan

This map shows the borders between the Arab and Jewish states set forth in the 1947 partition plan. 


jewish Villages and settlements, 1947

This map shows land (in blue and green) owned by Jewish settlers of Palestine in 1947.


land ownership of jews and arabs, 1947

This map shows the proportion of land owned by Jews (red), Arabs (green), and 'other' or 'public' groups (white) in each territory.  


distribution of population, 1947

This map shows the distribution of Jews and Arabs living in each territory in Palestine. The size of the circle indicates the scale of the population.